Operative use of Image Stitching Algorithm Based on Feature Extraction

Dalwai Azhar Khan Afzal Khan, Ansari Mohd.Manzoor Maqsood, Khan Mubashir Abdul Rashid Khan


To produce a segmented panorama or high resolution image, the image stitching or photo stitching is used. In this process multiple photographic images are overlapped on each other and generates a single image .By using Canny Detection Algorithm in our proposed architecture we detect overlapping fields of segmented panorama. Canny Algorithm is able to determine mathematical model of related pixel coordinator in one image to pixel coordinator in another for image alignment. By estimating correct alignment of various parts of images our implemented software is able to combine direct pixel to pixel comparison with gradient descent. Our software is also able to design the final composition surface on which align images is going to placed. This paper will focus on basic overview of image segmentation and also introduced without implemented software for image stitching. Keywords: Image stitching/mosaicing, panoramic image, features based detection, SIFT, SURF, image blending.Operative use of Image Stitching Algorithm Based on Feature Extraction

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v6i2.2444


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