Wireless Video Surveillance Robot Controlled using Simple Bluetooth Android Application

Shoeb Maroof Shaikh, Khan Sufiyan,Asgar Ali, Mir Ibrahim, Prof. Kalpana Bodke


Controlling a robot by remote is quite common for now-a-days, if we claim for controlling a robot by wireless medium which is your android phone, sounds impressive, and if we says that the controlling can be done without tracking a robot by eyes; we are providing a idea of video streaming to controls a robot. This prototype of our proposed system uses a wireless-networking standard technology called Bluetooth. An Android application designed to control the robot actions via Bluetooth connection is another step forward and includes video streaming by wireless cameras to track the robots. For possible communication between two systems one is a smart device which runs on Android OS, while another is a robot build on Arduino Uno board. The both systems are interconnected with each other by Bluetooth module attached to robot. The android application is able to send data over Bluetooth module according to the the application features, sensors, and touch screen. Android device are uses Bluetooth service on Serial Port Profile (SPP) connection to control the robot.


Keywords: Arduino board, streaming, wireless, Bluetooth, Serial Port Profile (SPP), Surveillance, Remote, Wi-Fi

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v6i2.2443


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