PHR Based Health Care and Emergency Aid System using Google Cloud Messaging

Ravish Adil Kazi, Prof. Kalpana Bodke


Recently, there has been a remarkable upsurge in activity surrounding the adoption of Personal Health Records (PHRs). PHRs contain global patient information and not certain pieces collected by individual healthcare providers.Thus they can be used as basic infrastructures for building and operating several important systems for healthcare system. Emergency medical systems (EMS) are among the most crucial ones as they involve a variety of activities which are performed from the time of a call to an ambulance service till the time of patient's discharge from the emergency department of a hospital and are closely interrelated so that collaboration and coordination becomes a vital issue for patients and for emergency healthcare service performance. The integration of leading-edge technologies, such as cloud-based services and mobile technology, with Personal Health Records (PHRs) can prove important in emergency care delivery as it can facilitate authorized access to comprehensive and unified health information. The proposed EMS is accessible by Android-enabled mobile devices and incorporates a customized asynchronous notification feature whereby caregivers are notified on critical data updates in a way that efficient utilization of mobile device resources is achieved.


Keywords: Google Cloud Messaging, Client Server Architecture, Android Operating System, Push Notification, Database

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