Efforts and Methodologies used in Phishing Email Detection and Filtering : A Survey

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Ripsa P Khadir
Sony P


Rapid growth in technology has opened up wide means of communication. Electronic mail was a great contribution in the field of communication. Emails played the role of a valuable communication medium for all the internet users in the world. Phishing emails are spreading like an infectious disease nowadays. It results in economic losses and wastage of time of email users. Different kinds of phishing emails have been reported for this time. Many approaches have been developed in order to counteract this problem. In this paper, a model for phishing detection, which is based on the combination of linguistic techniques along with the machine learning technique is proposed. This paper also presents an overview of the main approaches developed with the aim of detecting and thereby filtering phishing emails and this work is done with the aid of a wide range of papers published in this field.

Keywords: Anti-phishing; Client side defenses; Machine Learning; Phishing; Server side defenses.


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