Energy Efficient Protocols For Wireless Sensor Network: EA-LEACH

Rekha Baghel, Vikas verma


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are networks that consists of sensors which are distributed in ad hoc manner . WSN are more constraint by sensors limited power, energy and computational capability,. Energy optimization is one of the major issues of WSNs to extend the lifetime of these networks. A number of clustering based protocols like LEACH and SEP are already developed and used to increase stability of the network. We have proposed a technique EA-LEACH (Energy Aware LEACH) in which the randomized selection of clusters is tried to be centralized. So, unlike LEACH, cluster heads are chosen based on their available energies which result in better distribution of cluster heads within the region. Simulations on MATLAB show that EA-leach depicts better results than the existing protocols like LEACH and SEP.


Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Stability, LEACH protocol, SEP protocol, EA-LEACH protocol

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