An Appraisal of Attacks in MANET and Fortification Methods

Prof.M. Anandhi, rof.Dr.T.N. Ravi


Mobile ad hoc networking is one of the most challenging areas of wireless networking. MANET consists of autonomous self-organizing mobile nodes. There is no centralized node or router in MANET where all network activity; including discovering the topology and delivering message must be executed by the nodes themselves. Network functions such as routing, address allocation, authentication and authorization must be designed to cope with a dynamic network topology. MANET is more vulnerable than wired network. Some of vulnerabilities in MANET are, Lack of centralized management, no predefined boundary, cooperativeness, limited power supply, mobility. Due to vulnerabilities, MANET facing lot of challenges and possibilities of security threats. This paper discusses the challenges, different types of attacks and various defense schemes.

Keywords: MANET, Attacks, Challenges, Security, Multilayer

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