Adaptive Cost based Approach for Reducing Query Processing

K. Bhargavi, P.Anil Kumar


An arrangement of data aggregators has previous techniques for the versatile treatment of push based data disseminating. Their utilization obliged Greedy Heuristics Algorithm close by preconfigured incoherency breaking points to supervise both diverse aggregators and different clients for supporting server push based correspondences. The risky results are examined by existing heuristic-based approach can simply examine an obliged result space. So we propose to use an adaptable and cost based strategy. In an arrangement of data aggregators, every one committed and shrewdly picked aggregator serves a set of data things at specific coherencies, executing sub-request using aggregators with their individual sub-question incoherency limits. Our cost model considers both the get ready cost and the correspondence cost not in the slightest degree like previous approach. Adaptable and cost based approach has better execution with respect to both changing and correspondence cost than plain Greedy Heuristics procedure and a sensible utilization acknowledges the proposed case.


Keywords: greedy heuristics algorithm, aggregation, queries, process message, Greedy Operator Ordering (GOO).

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