Industrial Noise: Noise Power Spectrum of Shearing Machine

Shaikh Irfan, Shaikh Y.H.


Industrialization, resulted in increased activity, particularly traffic and heavy machinery which in turn resulted in increased noise pollution. It is known that exposure to loud noise for prolonged periods of times is dangerous and can affect quality of life with reference to health and psychology. In severe cases it may result in damage or permanent loss of hearing. Exposure to 85 dB noise for more than eight hours and 100 dB noise for more than two hours is considered to be dangerous for humans. We studied noise due to machinery in use with heavy industry and present finding and details on noise due to AIDA 600 Ton shearing Machine used in forming of heavy metal sheets in the process of manufacture of discs for disc breaks of two wheelers.


Keywords: Shearing machine, Blanking Operation, Noise Power Spectrum, Fourier transform.

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