Web Based SMS Push Mechanism

S N Lakshmi Malluvalasa


The objective of the project is to send SMS to the general customers. It is known that SMS is a mechanism through which a user can push the information to which it would be intended for. It keeps a good impact on the relation between a customer and a marketing person. In this paper, a new technique is adopted through which a user can create his own database through which he can easily publicize about his products in to the market. By adopting this method for various marketing related aspects will results in effective advertising within shot time. To create database and to access it and to push SMS we using SMS Push Technology. This push mechanism is mainly used in website marketing, showing the advertisement that a user with his certain profile in which he was interested in that particular, which can also be used for a user with a known profile interacts with an information system. This system will generates a Behavioral Profile through which all the functions for serving an SMS will be happened. SMS messages can be sent via web services. SMS web services are an intelligent way of sending SMS through gateway. You can send your SMS to mobiles, based on URL and parameters you define. Using web services WSDL we can consume web methods of the services and send the SMS via their gate way server.

Keywords: Profile, Gateway, URL, Wsdl.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v6i1.2363


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