An Approach towards Image Forgery Detection

Mr. S. B. Lanjewar, Mr. P. A. Khaire, Mr. R. Meshram


As one of the most successful applications of image analysis and understanding, digital image forgery detection has recently received significant attention, especially during the past few years. At least two trend account for this: the first accepting digital image as official document has become a common practice, and the second the availability of low cost technology in which the image could be easily manipulated. Even though there are many systems to detect the digital image forgery, their success is limited by the conditions imposed by many applications. For example, detecting duplicated region that have been rotated in different angles remains largely unsolved problem. In an attempt to assist these efforts, this project surveys the recent development in the field of Copy- Move digital image forgery detection.


Keywords: passive techniques, active techniques, cloning, splicing, re-sampling

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