5 Pen PC : Battle between functionality and portability

Kanika Arora, Pooja Varshney


5 pen PC technology is a new emerging technology that is under developing stage by NEC corporation. It is a pen style personal networking gadget package (PISM) that has 5 pens, each pen having different function. All these pens are connected with each other through short range wireless technology and the whole set is connected to internet through cellular phone function. These small loosely bounded pens are connected to each other through Bluetooth technology and to communicate with the outside world they are connected to Wifi. The main purpose behind developing PISM is to develop a gadget that is as small as mobiles and as effective as desktops i.e to develop a gadget that people can carry with them anywhere and also getting all the features of desktops and laptops with the same ease. In this paper firstly we will review the PISM technology and then we will compare PISM with desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. We will discuss how PISM is better than other technologies. Also we will discuss various problems, issues with PISM and will identify unanswered questions and issues related to this technology. Finally we will discuss the future scope of 5 Pen PC. Then we will conclude that whether PISM is really a replacement to all these gadgets or is just another addition to world of gadgets and also that whether its advantages outweigh its disadvantages or not? We will discuss that do this technology actually solves the purpose behind its development. We will discuss whether it will resolve the battle between functionality and portability.

Keywords: Virtual, Mobile Computing, Portability, Effectiveness, Bluetooth, Wifi, Cellular Phone Technology

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v5i8.2354


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