Two-stage Nonlocal Means Denoising of ECG Signals

Ambuj Dubey, Prof. Hasnine Mirza, Prof. M.Ahmed


Every type of biomedical signals is generated by physical activities in the body. In a present scenario some attention has been created by medical biometrics, including ECG (Electrocardiogram), DNA, blood pressure, EEG (Electroencephalogram) and heart rate [1]. An electrocardiogram (ECG) uses to trace and describes heart electrical activity and it recorded by electrodes placed on the body surface. In this paper, we study various filters which have been implemented for reduction of noise in ECG. Their performances are also compared based on the SNR values. But problem still same that noise can overlap the entire signal, so these cases the classical methods in signal denoising are not acceptable. So reduce that difficulty we propose a noval approach which based on the Non Local Mean (NLM) algorithm. The NLM was recently introduced in as a technique for processing nonlinear and non stationary signals.

Keywords: ECG signal, non-local means, wavelet and Denoising.

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