Survey on an Approach to Enhance QoS and QoE by Migrating Services in Cloud Based Mobile Environments

Ms. Mayuri R. Gawande, Ms. Parnal P. Pawade


Mobile networks currently play a key role in the evolution of the Internet due to exponential increase in demand for Internet-enabled mobile devices and applications. As intelligent mobile phones and wireless networks become more and more popular, network services for users are no longer limited to the home. Multimedia information can be obtained easily using mobile devices; allowing users to enjoy everywhere network services. So if user moves around then they can access cloud services without any disadvantages. When user is moving and accessing services then the service from private cloud get migrate to the near geographical area public cloud and user get service more fastly. But now days, there is a major problem of hacking of cloud data. In this paper we provide more security for cloud data using OAuth protocol.

Keywords: cloud computing, QoS, QoE, service population, OAuth protocol

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