eHealth Model for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Macdonald Ndukaku Onyeizu, Moses Okechukwu Onyesolu,Daniel Ugoh, Joyce Anthonia Egbukichi, Gloria Ifeoma Ugwu


The incidence of breast cancer is on the rise world-wide and it is the most prevalent form of disease among women. The world has lost good number of women from this disease – breast cancer. Earlier research has it that “the earlier a breast cancer is found, the more likely it is that treatment will be successful”, thus early detection and identification of its signs and symptoms become very important. The aim of this work is to design an eHealth Model that runs on both desktop and mobile device(s) to assist women in conducting breast self examination. This model carries steps for this exercise and questionnaire constructed with the signs and symptoms which the user fills and sends/uploads to the hospital server over the internet. The medical professional(s) at the receiving end will then have access to the hospital database and scrutinize the feedbacks sent by the user from a distance. After thorough examination or analysis of the feedback sent by the patient(s), she would be invited to the hospital if any abnormality is found for proper screening and examination.


Keywords: biopsy, eHealth, fibroadenomas, false-positive, Menarche, self-examination, ultrasonography.

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