Image Enhancement using High Resolution Multispectral Satellite Imagery implemented by FCM Clustering Techniques

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Mr. S Thirunavukkarasu
Capt. Dr. S Santhosh Baboo


One of the most challenging problems for researchers in the field of remote sensing is image enhancement and its quality assessment. Several conventional contrast enhancement techniques adopt a global approach to enhance all the brightness level of the image. A very important issue in image quality assessment is image sharpness or brightness. Image Enhancement is usually difficult to enhance all land cover classes appearing in the satellite images. Because local contrast information and details may be lost in the dark and bright areas. In this paper a k-mean clustering image enhancement technique is developed to partition the imagery pixel values in to different degree of associates in order to recompense the neighboring brightness lost in the dark and bright regions.

Keywords— fuzzy, IQM, cluster, pixels, imagery, enhancemet


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