Luminosity Mass Entrenched Operating System Design for Cellular Phone

Pughazendi .N, Balasundara Ganapathy.N


Light Weight Embedded Operating System is used for tagging up the objects for mobile agent and to analyse the need of memory and process constraints in mobile phones. To analyze, study and design the several design issues such as Architectural Framework, Memory Manage-ment, Process Management, Network support, and the impact of Hardware on the operating system. The Application system scheduling, process management, security system designs are taken into consideration to implement the operating system design. The project uses Embedded Linux plat-form to implement the system design and to implement the system design in J2ME as user interface platform. The main analytical design over this system is to consumption of memory management and to design the patterns for further improving the performance and reducing the cost and reli-ability.These application case studies consists of and to design the light weight operating system to meet the mobile phone which are in mobile ter-minal consists of J2ME interfacing unit.


Keywords: Embedded, Mobile, Memory Management, Operating System, Protection.

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