Secure Source-Based Loose RSA Encryption for Synchronization (SSOBRSAS) and Evolutionary Clustering Based Energy Estimation for Wireless Sensor Networks

R. Rajkumar, V. Saravanan


Designing and developing a well organized energy efficient estimation with secure based network protocol plays most important considerable responsibility in Wireless sensor networks, since of less communication energy and less availability of resources in WSN. In order to performs this process first need to evaluate the energy for each nodes in WSN and find misbehavior nodes in the WSN ,in order to hand this difficulty problem in this work initially first estimate the energy values of each nodes using evolutionary based clustering methods in the WSN .After that performs secure source based RSA encryption schema methods to identify unauthorized nodes in the WSN ,without performing communication process between one nodes to another nodes in the WSN once misbehavior nodes identified then perform key management and cryptographic process using RSA encryption. WSNs that are significantly reduce the amount of message communication desirable designed for rekeying to stay away beginning hard keys. Experimentation results measures the performance of proposed system along with energy utilization of the system under usual procedure and discover malicious nodes in wireless sensor network.


Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Routing, Secure Loose Synchronization, Secure Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks, Sensor-Based Cyber-Physical Systems, cryptographic algorithm such as RSA, clustering, Expectation maximization (EM) and evolutionary clustering

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