Pre-Processing and Post-Processing Enhancement of MRI Image using Filters

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Neha Jain
D.S. Karaulia


In biomedical, there are various techniques to detect the problem in an image. Magnetic resonance images (MRI) are popular for identification of tumour in brain images. This paper introduces an approach to enhance an image with filtering technique. Filter is used to remove the noise from an image. So far ‘image enhancement with filter’ has been classified in two sections viz. Pre-processing filter and post-processing filter. This paper while making a classification of filters also helps in raising the visual perception property of an image. This classification consists of Median, Gaussain, Bilateral, Wiener, Gabor and Kalman filters. The use of MRI image enhancement and filtering in different procedure are described. Here a brief review of different filter applied on brain tumor from MRI has been discussed.

Keywords: Magnetic resonance images, Image enhancement, Noise removal, Pre-processing filter and Post processing filter.


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