Sentiment Analysis for Product Reviews

Ms. Aarti A. Patil, Prof. Seema Kolkur


With the rapid expansion of e-commerce over the past years, more products are sold on the Web, and more and more people are buying products online. In order to enhance customer shopping experience, it has become a common practice for online merchants to enable their customers to write reviews on products that they have purchased. An increasing number of people are writing reviews. As a result, the number of reviews that a product receives grows rapidly. Manual analysis of customer opinions is very time consuming due to the multitude of contributions. So the sentiment analysis is use to extract, aggregate and analysed the opinions on product from discussion forums. In this paper, Sentiment analysis for product reviews is proposed which uses Advanced Naive Baysian Algorithm technique to find whether the reviews are positive or negative.


Keywords: Sentiment Analysis, Naïve Baysian algorithm

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