An Incentive Approach to Increase the Performance of Hierarchical Peer To Peer

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Utpal Barman


The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) model is a distributed computing model that enables decentralized collaboration by integrating computers into networks in which it can consume & offer services. In the recent scenario, these systems have grown in importance as an attractive way to mobilize the resources of Internet users. Moreover, incentive mechanisms have come up with better services to allow peers to share their computational, storage & networking resources to the benefit of every peer. In this paper I have gone through the different problems related to hierarchical P2P systems & have tried to propose a framework for Structured Hierarchical P2P system to increase the performance of the overall hierarchical P2P system.

Keywords: P2P; free riding; incentive mechanism; white washing; FS (Fully Stable;, S (stable); US (unstable); cooperation level (C.L.); suspicion level (S.L.)


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