Intelligent Vehicle Systemsusingneural Network Sand Biometrics

Naser Ziaei, Ali Rafiee


We propose a novel approach using a system based on neural networks and biometric to Design Intelligent System for smart cars, according to unfolding alternative capabilities of neural networks in the industry as; pattern recognition, feature extraction and classification. So many innovations involves researchers mind. These idea scan be used for neural networks and biometric. Among of these ideas, use of neural networks in the face detection is. In this study, we want design intelligent systems that recognize interests of all the properties and the nature of the Passenger bodies and driver can be prepared according to individual passenger. The system combines neural network architecture for multiple uses any part of the configuration and at the finally output of the all these networks imported to a neural network with various outputs. and trained to make decisions and set the system runs.


Keywords: Neural networks, intelligent systems, feature extraction, Biometric, Smart car

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