A Novel Educational Datamining Model to Attain Sustainability

Mrs. Anita N Chaware, Dr. U. A. Lanjewar


This work aims at the concept of enhancing the Technical Higher Education to address sustainability and globalization, by doing the research in a novel merged area “Educational data mining” (EDM). Sustainability in education can be achieved by improving the existing education system and by restructuring and reorienting the same. As per the research done in Shandong University, to attain sustainability, more focus should be given in creating student’s opportunities and conducting sustainability related researches in Higher Education. A novel merged area called Educational data mining (EDM) can be used in creating students opportunities by using different DM algorithms. EDM is a study of Inclusion of educational research in data mining and hence addresses two subjects outlined in this paper : The first one corresponds to a review of data mining (DM) techniques , algorithms and its application to Technical Higher Education. Much of the previous work done in EDM area is done is for the online courses or the web-enabled courses. This paper considers the data available with University and mines to model the Higher Education. Hence, the second topic represents a novel Educational Data Mining Model. Finally, We conclude: “Educational data mining (EDM) findings can help the Technical Higher Education system to achieve sustainability and stand firm in the race of Globalization.”

Keywords: Technical Higher Education, University Database, Sustainability, Globalization, Education Data mining Model.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v5i1.1988


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