Mitigation of ICI in OFDM and Its Techniques

Vishal Pasi, Prateek Nigam, Dr. Vijayshri Chaurasia


Multi-carrier modulation is an attractive technique for fourth generation wireless communication..Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is an efficient method of data receiving for high speed communication systems. However, the main drawback of OFDM system is that, it exhibits ICI inter carrier interference of the transmission and receiving signals. Many techniques have been proposed to mitigate the ICI problem. The redundancy based ICI reduction techniques include Frequency domain equalization, Time domain windowing, Pulse shaping, ICI self cancellation, Maximum likelihood Estimation, Extended Kalman Filtering, Optimized Sinc Power Pulse OSPP etc. That information the undesired effects occurring to the distortion techniques can be alleviated with the penalty of the reduced and transmission and receiving rates due to introduction of redundancy.


Keywords: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing OFDM, Inter carrier interference ICI, Frequency domain equalization, Time domain windowing FTDW, Pulse shaping PS, ICI self cancellation SC, Maximum likelihood Estimation MLE, Extended Kalman Filtering EKF, Optimized Sinc Power Pulse OSPP etc.

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