Comparison of Compression Techniques

Anitha. S


This paper presents the various image compression techniques on the basis of analyzing existing research papers. Basically two types of image compression techniques are introduced namely lossless & lossy image compression .lossless image represented in BMP(bit map),PNG(portable network Graphics),TIFF(tagged image file format) formats and Lossy image represented in JPEG (Join photographic Experts group), JPEG 2000 formats. Lossless compression algorithms were developed to meet both the need of compression and the requirement for no change in image bits for certain applications. Video and audio files are very large unless we develop and maintain very high bandwidth networks (gigabytes per second or more) we have to compress data. Compression becomes part of the representation or coding scheme which have become popular audio,image and video formats. In the lossless group of image compression algorithms, the desire is to reduce the number of bits to represent the image in a way that is reversible without any data loss.

Index Terms- Compression, Lossless, Lossy, Compression formats, EZW, SPIHT, Huffman, PSNR.

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