Smart Blind Man’s Bus Entry System

Dipali S. Dinkar, Snehlata Kamble, Madhuri Haral, Priyanka Unawane


The innovation in technology today has made our lifestyle much easier and fun. The system intends to help those people who are blind identify certain paths easily and thus help them navigate from one location to another location by bus. In the recent few years there have been a lot of advancements in the field of RFID. The applications of the RFID technology have been numerous and the usage of this technology has lead to many application specific designs and models that are today being used in may control systems. RFID finds itself being used in many areas of industry today, right from inventory control to tracking system. The proposed system has a social and economic future for itself. The latest developments in technology such as RFID has prompted us to think of an application which would be helpful to those who will need it and promises to have a open future to a change in its design and usage.

Keywords: RFIDTag, RFID Reader,WSN.

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