Peer To Peer Association in Content Distribution Network

D. Amrita, A. Aruna


The difficult issue of process and implementing an efficient law for load reconciliation in Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). We tend to base our proposal on a proper study of a CDN system, disbursed through the exploitation of a fluid flow model characterization of the network of SERVERS. Ranging from such characterization, we tend to derive and prove a lemma regarding the network queues equilibrium. This result's then lever- aged so as to plan a completely unique distributed and time-continuous rule for load reconciliation, that is additionally reformulated during a time-discrete version. The separate formulation of the projected reconciliation law is eventually mentioned in terms of its actual implementation during a real-world state of affairs. Finally, the general approach is valid by suggests that of simulations.



Key words: Content Delivery Network (CDN), management theory, request reconciliation

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