A Survey of Load Balancing Techniques in Cloud Environment

Kumughato G, Mrs Jeba priya


Cloud computing of late has been the talk in the field of computer technology environment whereby the resources are distributed over the internet. The main advantages has been that of sharing the computing power as well as the storage area over a large network within limit budget and also the provision of being available whenever there is a need and demand but it also comes along with some issues and challenges. Load balancing is one such area and several techniques and methodology has been purposed to achieve a good load balancing in the cloud environment. A good load balancing technique will lead to a better performance and efficiency of the computation in the cloud environment. The resource in the cloud based environment should be utilized and distributed evenly in such a way that it should not lead to the over utilization on one particular resource whereas the other resources that are available for computation should not be kept idly. The overall objective should be that to utilize each and every resources that are available in cloud efficiently without putting an extra load on the other resources. This paper is a survey on the current load balancing techniques that are available in the cloud


Keywords: Load balancing, Cloud computing, resource allocation, para-virtualization, dynamic allocation.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v5i1.1974


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