An Extended Security Framework for E-Government

K .Seena Naik, Dr G.A Ramachandra, M V Bramhananda Reddy


Many governments have delivered their services in ways that meet the desires of the citizens and businesses they serve, enabling them to interact securely in places and at times that are convenient for them. E-government is one of the most important achievements of the Internet. Successfully implementing e-government requires a level of trust on the part of all transaction parties. There are several security techniques and tools that have been developed in the scope of e-commerce. However, development of secure e-government systems requires a comprehensive model for security that can by implemented during the life cycle of the project. This paper introduces an enhanced security framework that is designed especially for e-government systems. Such a security framework is an essential tool that can be used by decision makers and designers of e-government systems.


Keywords: e-government, security framework, security goals, security policies

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