A comprehensive study of Software Risk Management

Akshay Sharma, Deepak Basora, Nikita Chhillar, Deepika Yadav


The challenges and realities in applying effective software risk management processes are difficult, in particular integrating the risk management processes into software development organizations. However, the benefits of implementing effective risk management tools and techniques in software development project are equally great. It provides a disciplined environment for proactive decision-making to assess continuously what can go wrong; determine what risks are important to deal with; and implement actions to deal with those risks. Current perceptions and emerging trends of various software risk management practices are reviewed and risks specific to software development projects are identified. Risk management planning addresses the strategy for risk management, the risk management process, and the techniques, methods, and tools to be used to support the risk management process. If risk management process is in place for each and every software development process then future problems could be minimized or completely eradicated. This paper addresses lessons learned from implementing project risk management practices in software development environment and recognizes the increasing role of risk management in present software projects and aims at providing more support in this area.

Keywords: Risk management tools, Risk management planning, Risk management process, Software development

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v4i10.1872


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