Detecting Botnets in View of an Efficient Method

Narges Arastouie, Naeemeh Arastooie


With the increasing expansion of Botnets, techniques for identifying and analyzing the behavior of bots extensively can be seen. There are a variety of Tools and techniques to identify Botnets classified into two categories, anomaly-based and signature-based methods. Botnets cannot be detected by signature-based methods through their rapid changes thus, signature-based systems are not suitable for detection. Therefore, we are about to provide a solution in addition to not requiring a specific architecture in order to be able to help us detecting infected client Bots. In this regard, a list of network addresses that were not assigned to any host was allocated to a system in the network by examining the network traffic using Pcab, collecting and analyzing network packets and finally the analysis of network packets the behavior of an infected host is been scrutinized.

Keywords: Bot; Botnet; Bot’s behaviour; network traffic; command-control channel

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