Sharing Backup and Restoring Data Using Android Based Server

Ms.Dhanashri R. Karanjkar, Mr.Gopal P. Dhole, Prof.Sunita P. Aware


Many solutions for making backups and restoring data are known for servers and desktops, mobile devices pose several challenges,
mainly due to the plethora of devices, vendors, operating systems and versions available in the mobile market. In this paper, we introduce a new
backup and restore approach for mobile devices, which helps to reduce the effort in saving and restoring personal data. Our approach is platform
independent: in particular, we present two prototypes based on two different mobile operating systems: Google Android and Symbian S60.
Another feature of our approach lies in the capability of sharing information in mobile devices among a group of selected persons. This can be
useful in many situations e.g., in creating a mobile business network among a group of people.

Keywords: Backup and restore Mobile devices, Collaboration, and Interoperability.

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