Location Based Application for Mobile Devices

Kamal Kulshreshtha


The wireless internet and mobile computing these are the two rapidly developed technologies with more and more mobile based
services go through the personal and business and personal life. LBS (Location Based Service) are one of the significant services which required
to use in mobile devices. The use of PDAs, wireless internet, 3G, 4G and Internet-based GIS telecommunications, the supporting mobile GIS
technologies are rapidly gaining the effectiveness and popularity. So employing GIS data on mobile devices has received a generous boost, due
to the increasing power of PDAs and cellular phones and the growing availability. The technological potential of Mobile Spatial Interaction
(MSI), Mobile Human-Computer Interaction requires a comprehension of visualization possibilities for spatially referenced content and
application programs make devices to able to move themselves between different hosts on the network.

Keywords: Mobile Spatial Interaction (MSI); GIS; Intelligent Transport System (ITS); Geographic Data Access Middleware (GDAM)

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v4i7.1747


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