WAVE: Wireless Access for Vehicular Environment

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Miss Bhagyashri S.Kharate
Prof. Sandip T. Dhagdi


Vehicular environment impose a set of new requirements on today’s wireless communication systems. The emerging Car-to-Car
communication (C2C) technology , known as Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE), enables vehicles on the roadway to communicate
with each other and with roadside infrastructure. In addition to safety-relevant services, Vehicular safety communication applications cannot tolerate
long connection establishment delays before being enabled to communicate with other vehicles encountered on the road. Similarly , non-safety
applications also demand efficient connection setup with roadside stations providing services (e. g. digital map update) drivers may also need Internet
access through C2C communication for infotainment services and car maintenance services, as specified in mobility and collaborative work in
European vehicle . A management scheme is developed for the opportunistic wireless links between On-Board Units (OBUs) and Road-Side-Units
(RSUs),as well as between OBUs and VCGs in vehicular communication.

Keyword: WAVE, IEEE standard 802.11,vehicular communication gateway, WAVE device.


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