GSM mobile phone based LED scrolling message display system

Priyanka A. Borkar, Ashish K. Muley,Niraj B.Masram, Dr. R.M. Tugnayat


Wireless communication has announced its arrival on big stage and the world is going mobile. We want to control everything and without
moving an inch. The use of “Embedded System in Communication” has given rise to many interesting applications that ensures comfort and safety to
human life. One of such applications is public addressing system (PAS). In this technical paper explains how a reliable and an authentic wireless
communication could be easily developed between a mobile phone and microcontroller using GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication)
MODEM. It is proposed to implement this project at the institute level. It is proposed to place display boards in major access points. Now-a-days
LED Message Scrolling Displays are becoming very popular. These displays are used in shopping malls, theaters, public transportation, traffic signs,
highways signs, etc. This paper describes the GSM based LED display.

Keywords: GSM modem, LED display, transmitter, receiver.

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