An Effective mechanism for Ensuring Security of QR Code

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Ashish R. Wane
Siddharth P. Jamankar, Onkar V. Chandure


Identification of objects and places in the real world is important, and 2-D printing code is useful to store identifiers of them. Any camera
mobile device with capture function can read content from a barcode tag directly. When a barcode contains important data or privacy information, the
risk of security becomes an important problem. Because QR codes simply feature a square barcode with a unique pattern, people have no idea
whether the code will take them to reputable information or a site loaded with malware. In this paper, discusses QR codes different data types, attack
via QR codes and security solutions. However, since it is easy to modify the content stored in the 2-D code, we must verify whether the identifier
written in the 2-D code is indeed issued by the authorized organization.This paper gives information about the security of qr codes and solution.

Keywords: QR Codes, Barcode, Security and Smartphone


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