An Effective Technique For Generation And detection Of QR code

Miss. Usha R. pardhi, Prof. Onkar V. Chandure, Miss. Priyanka S. Atal


This paper focuses on the concept of QR code ie. Quick Response Code. It is used instead of bar code because it has more data holding
capacity than bar code with high speed of detection and accuracy. Quick Response (QR) code has been widely used in the automatic identification
fields. In order to adapting the various sizes, a little dirty or damaged, and various lighting condition of bar code image, this proposes a novel
implementation of real time Quick Response code recognition which is an efficient technology used for data transferring.
QR code is 2D code which read data horizontally and vertically; stores alphanumeric characters. In order to adapting various sizes, various gray
level values, and under various lighting conditions of real bar code image, a high speed, high accuracy. Mobile phones can be secure with generation
and detection of QR code.

Keywords: QR code, generation, detection, encryption.

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