Cloud Management with Open Source Tools

Manish S. Thakare, Akash T. Kuratkar


Cloud computing has gained a lot of hype in the current world of I.T. Cloud computing is said to be the next big thing in the computer
world after the internet. Cloud computing is the use of the Internet for the tasks performed on the computer and it is visualized as the nextgeneration
architecture of IT Enterprise. The ‘Cloud’ represents the internet. Cloud computing is related to several technologies and the
convergence of various technologies has emerged to be called cloud computing.Open source systems refer to software systems whose source
code is available, allowing for immediate incorporation of improvements and adaptations of the system by its users. This seminar reports
on an evaluation of open source management tools for cloud computing. Cloud computing is not a magical solution, planning and
management of resources and the cloud in itself is pivotal. In this report, we compare and evaluate a number of open source tools used in
the industry to manage and automate the cloud. We evaluate provisioning tools, orchestration tools, configuration tools and monitoring

Keyword: management of cloud with open source tools.

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