Misuse Detection System Using Various Techniques: A Review

Ms.R.S. Landge, Mr.A.P. Wadhe


In the era of information systems and internet there is more concern rising towards information security in day to day life, along with
the availability of the vulnerability assessment mechanisms to identifying the electronic attacks. Traditionally intrusion detection systems (IDS)
are classified based on the style of detection they are Using. Ther are two main categories of intrusion detection (ID) those are misuse detection
and anomaly detection.This paper mainly concerned about misuse detection system (MDS). In misuse detection, the IDS analyzes the
information it gathers and compares it to large databases of attack signatures. Essentially, the IDS looks for a specific attack that has already
been documented. Like a virus detection system, misuse detection software is only as good as the database of attack signatures that it uses to
compare packets against.

Keywords: Intrusion detection system (IDS),Misuse detection system(MDS),pattern matching, Artificial neural network, data mining with fuzzy
logic and genetic algorithms.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v4i6.1698


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