A Survey - Different Models in Cloud Computing

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Dharti S. Kute
Ankita S. Patil, Nilima V. Pardakhe


Cloud computing that has become an increasingly important trend is a virtualization technology that uses the internet and central remote
servers to offer the sharing of resources that include infrastructures, software, applications and business processes to the market environment to fulfill
the elastic demand. In today’s competitive environment, the service vitality, elasticity, choices and flexibility offered by this scalable technology are
too attractive that makes the cloud computing to increasingly becoming an integral part of the enterprise computing environment. This paper deals
with a comparison of different models in Cloud Computing. Cloud computing model is composed of three service models Software as a Service
(SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and four deployment models Public, Private, Hybrid/mixed. It includes a
discussion of the evolution process of cloud computing, characteristics of Cloud, current technologies adopted in cloud computing. We are mainly
concentrating about the models based on the computing area& their comparative features on different services.

Key words: Cloud computing, Development Model, Serive Model.


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