Comparative Study of Denoising Methods for Satellite Image Restoration Using Matlab

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Ganesan P
Dr V. Rajini


In image processing, noise can be defined as unwanted random variation of brightness in gray scale images or color information in
color images. In most of the image processing applications, the noise pixels are incorporated with the image pixels and it becomes very difficult
task to retrieve the useful image pixels or information from the noisy images. The quality of the image is certainly degraded and unable to
further processing of the noisy images. Moreover the result obtained from the noisy images may be undesirable and unexpected one. So
excellent image denoising method is necessary to remove the unwanted noisy pixels and retain and manipulate the image pixels. In this paper,
we compared and simulate the various denoising methods based on filtering and wavelet transform approach for satellite images. All the
denoising methods have been tested with different size and resolution the satellite images.

Keywords: satellite image; noise; denoising; filtering; wavelet transform


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