A Novel Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Binary Authentication Tree

B. Ganga Bhavani, G L N V S Kumar, R.V. Satyanarayan


In this paper, we propose a novel threshold key pre distribution scheme for wireless sensor networks by using symmetric keys to
achieve authentication service. In the propose scheme called SRPWSN. Due to the fact that the wireless links in sensor networks are susceptible
to attacks and the nodal mobility renders the network to have a highly dynamic topology it becomes critical to detect major attacks against the
routing protocols of such networks and also provide some extent of QoS to the network traffic. In this we introduce new secure routing protocol
(SRPWSN) with QoS routing mechanism. To achieve authentication service we use BAT scheme can effectively eliminate the performance
bottleneck when verifying a mass of signatures within a required interval, even under adverse scenarios with bogus messages.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, key pre-distribution, Authentication, QoS, Binary authentication tree

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v4i5.1679


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