A Secure DSDV Protocol for Manets

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M. Kalavathi
K. Suresh Babu


This paper presents a secure destination-sequenced distance-vector routing protocol (SDSDV) for ad hoc mobile
wireless networks. The proposed protocol is based on the regular DSDV protocol. Within SDSDV, each node maintains two oneway
hash chains about each node in the network. Two additional fields, which we call AL (alteration) field and AC
(accumulation) field, are added to each entry of the update packets to carry the hash values. With proper use of the elements of the
hash chains, the sequence number and the metric values on a route can be protected from being arbitrarily tampered. In
comparison with the secure efficient distance vector (SEAD) protocol previously proposed in the literature provides only lower
bound protection on the metrics, SDSDV can provide complete protection..

Keywords: Ad hoc network; routing security; Destination sequenced distance-vector (DSDV); hash chain.


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