A Review of Computer Vision based Algorithms for accurate and efficient Object Detection

Aneissha Chebolu, Manvi Malik


In this paper two vision-based algorithms are adopted to locate and identify the objects and obstacles from the environment. In
recent days, robot vision and navigation are emerging as essential services especially in hazardous environments. In this work,
two vision based techniques such as color based thresholding and template matching – both correlation based similarity measure and FFT
(Fast Fourier Transform) based have been adopted and used for object identification and classification using the image captured in CCD
camera attached to the robotic arm. Then, the robotic arm manipulator is integrated with the computer for futher manipulation of the objects based
on the application.

Keywords: Object detection, Template matching, Thresholding, Fast Fourier Transforms, SSD,

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v4i5.1663


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