Governance Through Cloud in India (GCI)

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Anurag Singh
Kumar Anurupam, Rajnish Sagar, Shashikant Rai


E-Governance is the most popular and reasonable medium nowadays to provide better governance to their citizen via internet. It helps to
increase the quality of the service delivery and at the same time it consumes less time. But in the rural areas E-Governance is hard to deliver because
of scarcity of resources and infrastructure. Therefore, in this paper we are delivering a model via cloud computing to provide E-Governance in rural
sector, considering India as the major point. Cloud Computing is also a growing field because of its resource optimizing characteristics. This paper
will deal with the existing state of e-governance and various methods adopted by the states for its implementation and also the initiatives taken in this
regard in India. There are four pillars derived for the delivery of services in e-governance and they shall be implemented using cloud computing.

Keywords: E-Government, Cloud Computing, Electronic Administration, E-Governance Services, Cloud Services


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