E-commerce In Enterprise Marketing Management Environment

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Mangesh S. Dabhade
Dr. P. N. ChatuR, Prof. R. V. Mante


Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Suite is an end-to-end, integrated set of capabilities designed for the needs of marketing
organizations. EMM Suite empowers organizations and individuals to turn their passion for marketing into valuable customer relationships and more
profitable, timely and measurable business outcomes. ecommerce is no longer simply about presenting and selling products online. In wsc it is about
delivering a smarter shopping experience that is seamless and integrated across all customer touch points. It is about providing rich, relevant,
personalized experience . Similarly Unica Interact integrates with your customer facing systems—such as Web sites and call centers—and allows you
to retrieve optimal personalized offers and visitor profile information in real-time to enrich the interactive customer experience,but Websphere
commerce is less effective in some part like prediction of customer response based on customer purchasing history,customer response based on
behavioral pattern. So by using Unica Interact it is possible to overcome all this functionalities.So the integration of unica Interact is carried out with
Websphere commerce.In this integration Unica Interact API and Websphere Commerce API are used.

Keywords: emm,API,websphere,interact


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