Soil Testing Reports Extracted Using Combined Mining Patterns

Mathavi parvathi, pandimurugan, Dr.Paul rodrigues


We propose a SOA sharing of agriculture related information to the farmer in their known language, In that SOA, the information is
retrieved from concern data base by using combined mining rules.SOA involves complex data sources, for instance multiple distributed and
heterogeneous data sources with mixed structures. In these situations we use combined mining for discovered knowledge to present a full picture
of the Database rather than single data source. The general approach of combined mining for discovering informative knowledge in complex
data has been introduced. We collect different data sets in different data formats like textual data’s, audio data video data’s , then we find
resultant pattern for combined data sets, those pattern is very useful to form a combined association rule followed by a given threshold value .
At last users will get exact knowledge , In this combined mining the results are visualized very informative So farmers can get extract
knowledge is very informative and understandable manner

Keywords: Combined Mining, SOA, heterogeneous Data’s, and Pattern.

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