An Efficient IT-QMWFM Tier Architecture for Work Flow Management through Queue Management in an IT Infrastructure

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V. R. Elangovan
Dr. E. Ramaraj


The term information technology or IT is used to refer to an entire industry. Information Technology is the use of computers and
software to manage information. The term IT Infrastructure is defined as a combined set of hardware, software, networks, facilities, etc.
(including all of the information technology), in order to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control or support IT Services. To maintain such
services, we have to set up an infrastructure and also provide essential steps to maintain and manage those kinds of services. This kind of
management is termed as IT Infrastructure Management Services. While the user wants to use this kind of IT Services, the infrastructure
paves way for this by providing proper responses for the requests made by the user. These responses are provided by the IT resource persons
those who managing and maintaining the services. The proposed methodology deals with this by undertaking the requests from the user and
providing proper responses for the requests. The response is provided by analyzing the requests and then redirecting the requests to the resource
person those who considering that kind of request. Thus proposed methodology provides proper services for the user by managing the work
flow in an IT Infrastructure.

Keywords: Hardware, Information Technology, IT Infrastructure Management Services, Resource Person, Services, Software.


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