A Framework for Accessing Remote Machine Configuration using Mobile Agents

Pravada S. Bharatkar


Mobile agents (MA) systems have gained popularity in use because they ease the application design process by giving software
engineers greater flexibility. The research in MA is a rapidly growing field contributing to autonomous software agents and distributed systems.
And related is affecting the world of network computing and the agents technology is well suited for the network application. Mobility is both a
useful abstraction and tool for agent-based system designers; it allows for increased resource efficiency, capability, and robustness. It is expected
the mobile agent to be mobile and be able to do collaboration, integrating these technologies, to facilitated network user in retrieving
information. For fulfilling these aspects, the frame for accessing remote machine configuration using MA is developed. Therefore, in the present
study, the various non-java and java based mobile agent systems are studied for their strategic application in the area of integration and gathering
of the information. The InfoGatherAgent java program is designed and implemented for gathering the information from the different ports of
Aglets-Tahiti Server to reduce the network load.

Key words-mobile agents; aglets-tahiti server; infogatheragent; information gathering

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v4i4.1628


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