Fingerprint Geometry matching by Divide and Conquer Strategy

Sanjukta Pal, Sucharita pal, Prof. (Dr) Pranam Paul


In recent day for security purpose biometric authentication is used. The fingerprint geometry is one of the most recently used
techniques of biometric authentication. This is an algorithm for matching a fingerprint image with previously given fingerprint images.
The main criteria are that, this algorithm is applicable only on binary form of fingerprint image. For fixing up a pixel region near the centre the
dividend rule is taken. I.e. for selecting an image segment, we made four segments of the image using the centre position of the image, and we
continued that technique until the certain criteria not be full filled. After reaching the criteria, using the fixed pixel region the traversing of DB
Image would be started. After traversing the DB Image if we get the satisfactory result (that means, if the value above threshold value) it will
proceed further and if in the next, it will give the positive result finally we can easily say that the fingerprints are matched.

Key Word: Biometric Authentication, DB image, Final image, image segment.

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