A formation to recover Software Process Improvement Model for small Organization

Shalu Chauhan, Dadan kumar Jha


The software industry recognizes the value of very small enterprises in contributing valuable products and services to the economy. As
the quality of software increasingly becomes a subject of concern and process approaches are maturing and gaining the confidence of companies.
Software process improvements are required to increase the productivity and quality of software companies to achieve their business objectives.
It is a systematic approach to improve the capabilities and work performance of software organizations. Improved software quality is critical to
ensure steadfast products and services and to increase customer confidence and satisfaction. One basic idea is to assess the organizations’ current
activity and improve their software process on the basis of the competencies and experiences of the practitioners working in the organization. In
the work presented in this paper, we have find out what SPI activities in those models that are important for small organizations a survey was
conducted. In the survey both supplying and purchasing organizations participated. The survey resulted in a prioritization of SPI activities,
which represented the base for the new SPI model. The authors named the proposed model SPISC – Software Process Improvement for Small

Keywords: Software Process Improvement, Process, small corporation quality and SPISC phases.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v4i4.1616


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